Label: Motivo
Year: 2001
Territory: The World




‘Just the Way You Are’ • ‘In My Mind’ • ‘Be My World’ • ‘Star’


Everything begins with “Just The Way You Are,” a track recognized as one of the smash hits of 2002 thanks to an incredible amount of radio play. It’s also a  song recognised as one of the most-heard dance records both in Italy and beyond: Just look what happened in the UK: It reached No. 8 in the Official Singles chart, and No. 3 in the Airplay chart.

With its American release, “Just The Way You Are” hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Airplay Monitor Dance Chart. In other words, it’s the most played dance record on radios in the U.S.


Milky’s second single, “In My Mind,” with wonderful vocals by Giuditta, is a track which features a classic combination of trumpets, Italian guitars and steel drums, creating the perfect siesta backdrop for Giuditta’s romantic declaration to her new lover.


The third single is “Be My World,” and the Milky Sound is quickly becoming one of the most interesting pop-dance sounds around. Artists such as Atomic Kitten, DJ Sammy and Kaci have requested to have Milky remixes of their songs.


Milky’s creators, Italian producers Giordano Trivellato and Giuliano Sacchetto, are responsible for a long line of hits. In 1995 they co-wrote “Don’t Stop” by the Outhere Brothers that went gold in the UK and in many other countries. They also collaborated on the follow-up single “Boom Boom Boom”.

In the last 10 years they have produced and written over 200 songs. Many of these became hits in France such as Juice T “Love You for Life,” which also received huge airplay in Italy and Europe, along with others like Jinny, Kina, Marvellous Melodicos, Silvia Coleman, JJ Brothers and Carol Bailey.


Singer Giuditta, having met the producers a couple of years ago in a record shop in her hometown of Padova, Italy, sprang immediately to mind while they were voice-hunting for their exciting new project. The three of them clicked immediately.


They began to work in the studio and this friendship and working relationship led to the recording of their first fantastic debut album “Star,” showcasing Giuditta’s versatile vocals and Milky’s great production techniques; the result is a sparkling album of pop classics and sultry ballads.


In “Just The Way You Are” Giuditta explains how to accept people for who they truly are; with “In My Mind” she makes a romantic – and true –  declaration to her new love. She tells us more about her infinite love with “Be My World, and for those of us who actually speak the language of love, she sings a version of “Be My World” in her native Italian: “Non so Perché.” With so much love to give, we expect Milky to keep on coming at us with hits, long into the future.