Label: Motivo
Year: 2000
Territory: The World


‘Off the Wall’

Wisdome revives the classic Michael Jackson track “Off the wall”.

This track has been re-created with a funky house rhythm and produced by the Moretti-Romanini team together with fellow dj Andrea Monta. Vocals are by Kelia.

Wisdome definitely happened by accident. The guys were queuing up for their coats in a famous London club when they heard a girl humming this Michael Jackson tune while the dj was playing a funky house track.

The girl was Kelia and her voice was exactly what they had been looking for.

This winning combination of the producer’s talent, a classic tune and Kelia’s fantastic voice, gave rise to a song that everybody wants to hear.

The original package including the “Enjoy yourself mix” is completed by two prestigious remixes by Pussy 2000 and Perfect Phase.

Released in the UK by Positiva, “Off the wall” goes straight to #1 in the UK Club chart, #33 in the UK Official Singles chart and #7 in Pete Tong’s Buzz Chart.